A simple solution to automaticaly push static generated blog to Github pages

I do like to use VueJS so when the VuePress reached version 1.0 with a functional blog theme I had to made a switch. The only problem is that the GitHUb Pages supports only Jekyll.


As I am alsm using Azure DevOps to handle all myt build the solution is obvious. Hoost my Blog in GiHub Pages and buidl and depoloy it on Azure.

Step 1: Deploy

This is preaty simple(check it here), just add the yml file with a four task:

  • install yarn
  • install dependencies
  • build vuepress
  • gather results as an artifact

Step 2: Publish

Next step is to get the published artifact and push it to GitHub gh-pages branch of repo.

I did divide it into 5 tasks, this is required to make a few step simpler as they could be executed from different directory so the cd command does not have to be used.

Configure git

This is required to avoid any possible error during push later

 git config --global user.email "assassyn@dev.azure.com"
 git config --global user.name "Assasssyn"

Download repository

Added a varaible to store the git token, just to make it lottle bit more secure.

$path = "https://$(git_token)@github.com/Assassyn/blog.git"
git clone $path

Change repo to gh-pages

This step has an additional requirementes to set up the working directyory: working directory setup

git checkout gh-pages
rm -R *

Deploy new version

Copy the files for a artifact downlaod directory, usually the name selected when creating the trigger

mv _Assassyn.blog\blog_site\*  blog\


Push code to selected branch and wait for github pages to update

git add * 
git commit -m "Github Pages deployment $(Build.BuildNumber)"
git push