Parsing Real Number in Different Locale



Recently, I have created the library to convert the address into a latitude and longitude. The code is relatively simple, there is an address object which is concatenated into one string and submitted to Google Maps. Maps are returning the xml which I am trying to parse.

The test for this code works fine, but when I have tried to use it from the web app it has failed. I have recieved a wired error provided number is not in correct format .


It took me over a weekend to find the real reason for my application error. THe problem was the locale of application and the difference on how to write a Real ( float, decimal, double) number.

As it happens the library and unit tests where created in English where the separator for the Real number is a dot. My application default language is Polish where the separator is comma.


The solution was simple, in my library I have to change my parsing code from:



double.Parse(latitudeAsString, CultureInfo.InvariantCulture);

and now the geocoding library just works everywhere.

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