Automatic OneClick Publish on Build Server


I like the idea of the Continuous Deployment. I am also using the Visual Studio Online build server.

To see what I can do with it I want to deploy small OneClick powered application using automatic build server. As it is simple to build solution or run automated test (there is a step for it), the OneClick deployment process is little bit more complicated.


I needed three scripts:

  1. Update assemblies

I want to keep the same assembly version on the all generated dll’s. So I have used the Powershell script to do it for me.

  1. Update publish data

Next step is to update publish data so it also can be controlled by Build sever

  1. Publish files

The last step is to ftp the files to server. Again it can be done by Powershell.

I have added the script output in all of the scripts just to be able to “debug” on the server.

Build Configuration

The last step is is Build configuration. It requires two steps:

  1. Variables

I have defined the variables as:


  1. Steps

    • Update assemblies version

    I am passing version number as an attribute "$(version.major).$(version.minor).$(version.patch).$(Build.BuildNumber)"

    • Update publish version
      Again version and revision passed as an attribute "$(version.major).$(version.minor).$(version.patch)" "$(Build.BuildNumber)"

      • Last thing is the set properties for publish script as "$(Agent.WorkFolder)\Publish" "$(deploy.server)" "$(deploy.user)" "$(deploy.password)"

      • Change the revision (General tab)

I want to use a revision as a build number so I need to change it from the default value to $(rev:r)

Now it should build( remember to add a trigger) and publish every time I commit to GIT.

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