Deploy Dotnet Core to Heroku (Part II)


As it seems publishing to Heroku is not so simple in the end.
In a previos post I have describe how to configure all moving parts which seems to be enought to have it running.
However my problem was that image created on local machine was working in Heroku but images created by build server was returning “500 internal server error”.

Deploy Dotnet Core to Heroku


Heroku is a well established platform for hosting various programming languages. Unfortunately, officially, it does not support dotnet. However, it does supports docker, and dotnet core can run in docker very well.

Using Microsoft.Extensions.Logging With Dotnet Core Console Project


Next step with my dotnet core console application was to add some logging. I would like to avoid using Console.Write to output state of application as well as well as allow to have some debug/trace level log information.

Using Microsoft.Extension.Configuration With Dotnet Core Console Project


Lately I have created the small console application. Because, I have used dotnet core and I need to add some persistent configuration. Because, web.config is no longer existing by default in new framework, I have used the new Microsoft.Extension.Configuraiton classes. This set of assemblies allow to use and mix difference source for configuration. Now you can store some configuration in xml, ini or json and then merge it with environmental variables.

Build Dotnet Core 2 on AppVeyor


As for not the AppVeyor does not support running of .NET Core 2 preview.

Custom Json Converter in NewtonSoft.Json
Create Angular UMD Package With rollup.js

Components for Angular 2

Currently I am trying to create a set of standard componets to for my current company. The task is simple, it is to create an separate build with an UMD package.
This is an internal set of components, which follows the desing language, and hopefully are going to be used by different divisions.

A Few Words About: CQRS

CQRS (or CQS), because the both names are used to identify the same pattern, is a abbreviation of Command and Query (Responsibility) Segregation.

Parsing Real Number in Different Locale


Recently, I have created the library to convert the address into a latitude and longitude. The code is relatively simple, there is an address object which is concatenated into one string and submitted to Google Maps. Maps are returning the xml which I am trying to parse.

Using Task Groups on VSTS

Recently I have discoverd a briliant way to reuse configuration of task between diferent projects.

Publish Dotnet Test vs Team Services Build Results

For my pet project I am using the Visual Studio Team Services as my online CICD server.

The Configuration File 'Configuration.json' Was Not Found and Is Not Optional.


When I switched to RC2 and tried to publish the website I got the error about missing configuration file.

Automatic OneClick Publish on Build Server

I like the idea of the Continuous Deployment. I am also using the Visual Studio Online build server.